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A url shortening service is a service that lets you quickly and easily share a link without the hassle of typing the entire URL into a browser. There are many options available, including Bitly, Rebrandly, Polr, and YOURLS. Listed below are some of the best services to use for shortening your links. Choose the right one for your website! This article will review the pros and cons of each service.

URL shortening service

If you are searching for a URL shortening service, you’ve probably come across many options. But which one is the best for your business? Fortunately, the best URL ย่อลิงค์ have several great benefits. While free services are often the best choice for smaller businesses, paid solutions can be a great investment for larger companies. Here are some of these benefits. Let’s take a look at the best options.

Rebrandly has a generous free plan that allows users to put their own brand name on shortened links. They also offer custom analytics, so you can monitor every click and optimize your links for better reach. You can collaborate with your team and track how much each click generates. Pricing plans start at $29 per month. Using Rebrandly is easy and straightforward, and you can choose a free plan or a paid plan based on your needs.

This tool extensively

There are several reasons why Bitly is the best url shortener for your business. While the free account used to offer a lot, this feature is no longer available for individuals and small businesses. For example, the free account used to offer analytics for up to 10,000 links a month, but now you can only get these for as few as 100. Although it may be a good start for a small business, you should consider upgrading to the paid version if you plan to use this tool extensively.

One of the best features of Bitly is that it has integrated with Sprout so you can embed the shortened links during your social media workflow. In addition, it has customizable back-half links, reporting, and branded links. In addition, it has tools for branded links, bulk link shortening, QR codes, and UTM building. The service also has extensive reporting and a mobile-deep link tracking system that can help you track your links in an organized manner.

Fully featured API

Polr is an open source url เว็บย่อลิงค์ service that allows you to brand your own links and control all the data. It’s GPLv2+ licensed, easy to use and runs on your own domain. If you’re building a link shortener for your website, Polr will help you do so by offering you a fully featured API and an auto-posting option for your links.

Polr is an open source URL shortening service developed in PHP. It allows you to take control of your data and has an API that you can use without a third-party. It’s also free and offers a free plan with 5 custom domains. Polr has a free trial and a demo page, which makes it the best option for most people. If you’re unsure about the free version, you can always fork the code and create your own URL shortening service using the code.

Monitor their performance

Another open source URL shortening service is Polr, a PHP-based platform. It can be downloaded from Polr’s GitHub repository. If you’re tech-savvy, you can fork the project to create your own URL shortening service. Polr has a slick interface and a minimalist dashboard. It’s easy to configure short links and monitor their performance. Polr also has a brandable feature, which allows you to distinguish your links from the rest bintangplus4d.

THE BEST URL SHORTING SERVICE: YOULS stands for “Your Own URL Short URL”, and it’s open source. You can run YOURLS on any server, and you can even add your own link management services. And because YOULS is open source, you have complete control over the shortening process. Your links will be more personalized, and you can track multiple parameters and customize your URLs to your own specifications.


While there are plenty of free url shortening services on the Internet, YOULS is a standout among them. Unlike other free URL shortening services, YOURLS uses a LAMP server and a few PHP scripts. The best part is that YOULS is very easy to install on your own server, and it requires very low computing power. Even better, you can even install plugins to extend the functionality of YOURLS murah4d.

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