Painting work on wood fiber cement-gypsum board

Topcoat is the color applied to the outermost layer that the house building company uses. for beauty In general, which are cement walls, fiber cement, gypsum board, cement board, acrylic water-based paint is preferred as a topcoat.

In general work is divided Acrylic paints are of two types:

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  • Acrylic paint, semi-gloss type (Semi-Gloss) will have the property. Resistant to weather conditions, not easily old, can be wiped clean Slippery surface does not accumulate dust, suitable for use on exterior and interior openculture
  • Acrylic paint, Matt type has inferior properties, semi-gloss formula, is not resistant to weather conditions, does not clean well. Smudges easily The surface accumulates dust, but has advantages, suitable for indoor ceiling applications. not exposed to direct sunlight The quality of the color formula is smooth. does not reflect light to see the blemish The seam waves make the ceiling work look untidy.

Semi-gloss acrylic paint

At present, the building materials store There will be a mixer acrylic paint So we can choose to use every color tone.

***Quality acrylic paints There are various grades A, B, C, D according to the weather resistance.

  • General standard grade D, the service life is not more than 5 years.
  • (Standards TIS 272-2541 (1998) General-purpose emulsion paint)
  • Grade C, the service life is not more than 10 years.
  • (Pass TIS. 2321-2549) four weather resistant emulsion)
  • Grade B, passed TIS 2321-2549 (10 year warranty)
  • Standard A Premium grade passed TIS 2321-2549 (15 years warranty)

Example of painting a topcoat with acrylic paints.

Semi-Gloss Acrylic Water-based paint (Semi-Gloss) for home builders will choose to apply for exterior walls, exterior ceilings, interior walls by using a brush or roller to apply 2-3 coats depending on the primer or topcoat tone. Notice The luster of the color texture. Sometimes, apply only 2 times, if the shadow doesn’t show up, you have to repeat the 3rd round.

Caution: Do not paint in rain, very humid weather or the surface is not completely dry, and follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions, especially the 2 hour drying period.

*** Should use quality paint that has passed TIS 2321-2549 Weather resistant emulsion paint

Example: Topcoat, acrylic paint, semi-gloss, brown shades for wood

Acrylic paint, semi-gloss, brown shade (Semi-Gloss) for wood fiber cement. By choosing a new mix according to the desired intensity recommended to use same number in the back to avoid confusion when collecting work, continuing work, or making repairs

Floor cornice color, fabric veneer color, eaves wood, wood fence, blinds, sunshade laths This is usually a DIY application procedure unless you wish for perfection in expert flooring companies.

Semi-gloss acrylic paint, premium grade, especially for fiber cement wood. Its properties are more durable. Acrylic paint for general buildings. Four adhesion film Excellent fiber cement, available in only one size, 1 gallon (3.75 liters).

Example: Topcoat, acrylic paint, semi-gloss, especially for fiber cement wood, as a finished color according to the Catalog.

Acrylic paint with matt formula for interior ceiling work. Available in 2 colors. Special matt film reduces light reflection.

  • Smoke color code 7000
  • White code 8000

Example of frosting with acrylic paint, matt formula

For example, semi-gloss acrylic paint should not be used to paint the interior ceiling. because when the light is on, you will see a reflection of the ceiling Makes the color work look untidy

  • Acrylic paint with semi-gloss formula.
  • Acrylic paint with matt formula.

Fiber cement wood stain Translucent water formula shows the pattern.

There are 2 formulas of wood stains in the market:

  1. Oil formula, suitable for dyeing real wood. Good adhesion to wood, pungent smell (do not apply the oil formula to fiber cement. due to poor adhesion)
  2. Water-based formula, suitable for dyeing wood fiber cement, good adhesion, not pungent citizennews.

Acrylic wood stain, water-based formula for painting fiber cement wood, divided into 2 types:

  • Fiber cement wood stain for painting siding, slatted fences. multipurpose wood
  • Fiber cement floor wood stain for painting floors, resistant to trampling.

Floor paint system

Foundation 1 coat + Wood stain 2-3 coats + Topcoat 1 coat

***Foundation for The natural wood floor is not primed from the factory. should be a primer For fiber cement floors only.

***The area where the primer has already been painted can be painted and dyed right away, no need to re-prime.

*** Should strictly follow the steps of the paint manufacturer.

Fiber cement wood stain with gloss formula for fiber cement wood.

such as planks, laths, fences with a wood grain surface or wood splinter

**Caution Do not bring stained wood siding. to dye the floor because it does not tolerate trampling

***Should paint 2-3 coats for beauty and durability.

Fiber cement floor wood stain, water-based formula for floor paint

especially fiber cement. It is a paint resistant to trampling. translucent color film Should paint the wood 2-3 coats for beauty and durability.


  • Use a rabbit hair brush to apply. to make the color smooth and not scratch the brush
  • Should not be applied in direct sunlight.
  • For color consistency, stir frequently.
  • Drying period can be applied over 1 hour (should not be applied too quickly)

*** Should strictly follow the steps of the paint manufacturer.

hard coat topcoat or water-based polyurethane

For building a house Varnishing, wood stain, fiber cement floor After we have finished painting 2-3 coats of the wood, we apply a hard coat and topcoat to help protect it. The floor is scratched from the use of floor wood. enhances the beauty

There are 2 formulations of hard coat topcoats: matt film and gloss film.

Floor paint system

Foundation 1 coat + Wood stain 2 – 3 coats + Topcoat 1 coat

***Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions strictly.

Examples of wood staining work Do not apply topcoat and apply topcoat

Floor paint system

Foundation 1 coat + Dye 2-3 coats + Topcoat 1 coat

  • Primer paint 1 coat.
  • Paint and dye the wood 1 time.
  • Paint and dye the wood 2 time
  • Paint and dye the wood 3 times.
  • Topcoat paint 1 coat.

Cement board paint work

Cement board coating

  • Viva Clear Card
  • or clear polyurethane, water-based formula

It is the same color material as the topcoat.

fiber cement floor


  • For primer work/fiber cement board/fiber cement wood.

(except fiber cement floor) / cement board / gypsum board, use the old cement primer

  • New and old cement primer, water-based formula, white film to replace. old plaster primer oil formula

Semi-gloss acrylic paint

  • Use acrylic water-based paint with semi-gloss formula for exterior/interior walls, exterior ceilings.
  • Use acrylic paint, semi-gloss formula, brown tone, paint eaves, balusters, cornices, fences, laths.
  • Use acrylic paint to paint the ceiling, matt formula, paint the interior ceiling.
  • Use acrylic water-based paint, semi-gloss formula, especially for fiber cement wood.

Exterior cladding, exterior fiber cement siding

Fiber cement wood stain

  • Use water-based, translucent, fiber cement-based wood stain to show the pattern for painting wood-grained fiber-cement wood/wood grain patterns such as wood-patterned planks, splinter-patterned fences, etc.
  • Use water-based, translucent, fiber cement-based wood stain to show the pattern for applying fiber cement floors. Wood grain cement/wood grain pattern, apply 2-3 coats using a rabbit hair brush.
  • Apply a coat of varnish (polyurethane, water-based formula) to the surface of the wood floor stain 1 coat to prevent scratching. add beauty *** External floor wood should not be coated thickly. When exposed to water, the surface will become slippery, causing a dangerous slip.

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