How Technology Has Changed Education Methods

The way schools deliver lessons has changed dramatically with the rise of technology. Traditionally, students sat passively and listened to lectures. But with the growth of the internet and digital technologies, students can work on their own time, take their own classes, and use their own devices to access the information they need. Teachers can also choose what tools they want to use for teaching and learning, and personalise the learning experience.


Technology has helped make the teaching process more interactive. Advanced performance tracking systems allow teachers to gauge student progress, and teachers can personalize learning experiences. Different teaching techniques encourage creativity and help students adapt to new tools. It has even made the process of education more sustainable, as schools are gradually moving away from paper. Instead, they use computers and other technological tools to conduct tests and assignments. The latter also helps the environment. The use of computers has made it much easier to share and organize knowledge.


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Technology has also changed the way materials are taught. Instead of relying on textbooks, teachers now have to use multimedia-rich study materials. These study materials often include videos, images, and links to relevant websites. These learning materials are available on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They also save paper and reduce the amount of paper used in schools. Furthermore, interactive educational games can now be played on a smartboard.

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