The Impact of Extracurricular Activities on Students

Research shows that extracurricular involvement in a variety of extracurricular activities can boost educational attainment. According to a 1991 study by Terenzini and Pascarella, students who participate in a variety of extracurricular activities are more likely to complete their bachelor’s degree. They also tend to have higher educational aspirations. Students who are involved in these activities may be better prepared for the challenges that lie ahead ebooksweb.

While extracurricular activities can improve academic performance, the real benefits are social, interpersonal, and educational. These activities provide students with opportunities to build social networks and form friendships. They can also help students improve their self-efficacy. As a result, the impact of extracurricular activities on students is far-reaching kr481.

Research shows that students who participate in extracurricular activities have higher test scores, higher educational achievement, and more frequent attendance at school. In addition, they tend to be more confident and develop key personality traits. In particular, sports and musical activities build leadership and problem-solving skills. They require perseverance, hand-eye coordination, and creativity wapwonlive.

The impact of extracurricular activities on student performance is evident across racial and educational backgrounds. While it is important to make sure students are able to participate in extracurricular activities, they should also be aware of the time commitments that come with them. For example, students may develop self-confidence by leading a group of peers realestateglobe.

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