The Original Name of Vancouver

The original name of Vancouver is not entirely clear. It is likely that it was chosen by William Van Horne, president of the Canadian Pacific Railway ovabet. Moreover, the area was known by other names before this, including Moodyville, a planned settlement built in 1891 by American lumber entrepreneur Sewell “Sue” Moody. Moodyville was later renamed North Vancouver. Despite this, the lower Lonsdale district still bears the name of the original town. The city grew rapidly after the completion of the CPR a14x, which allowed for continuous rail service. In addition to this, Chinese settlers began to arrive in the area. The city continued to grow quickly with subsequent waves of immigration, initially Europeans who moved westward, and then people from Asia and other nations vipbet88slot.

The name Vancouver came to be when Europeans first began exploring the Northwest region topportal. In 1791, Spanish Captain Jose Maria Narvaez visited the area and landed in Point Grey. Later that year, British naval Captain George Vancouver met the Spanish expedition off Point Grey and explored the area. The two countries later signed a treaty in 1793, allowing the two nations to share ownership of the city. After the treaty, Spanish dominance in North America began to wane ggslot.

Vancouver was named after an English navigator, George Vancouver slotwin303. The city was incorporated in 1886. Until then, the city was called Granville. In 1886, the city received its first train across Canada. A few months later, a fire destroyed most of the city. This disaster halted the city’s Dominion Day festivities. However, in 1890, the city received its first streetcar system. In 1891, the city was also home to the first intercity tram txlt0.

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