What Are Some Freaking Fashion Styles in India?

When you think of India, you probably picture the country’s traditional clothing. Sarees are traditional Indian clothing, but their style has changed quite a bit. They now feature more western clothes than ever. The most common types of saris are the long, heavy ones and the short, flowing ones. Both styles are great choices for a day at the beach, but they also look terribly unflattering on taller women.

In India, women often wear cleavage-revealing outfits. The Mughal period saw a proliferation of different jama costumes in different regions of the country. While their use declined after the 19th century, men still wear jama in parts of Kutch and Gujarat. The angarkha, which features a curved neckline and asymmetric openings, is also used for a more modern look. In some styles, the jama falls below the knees.

Final Thought

In the west, you may notice women in tight cholis and ill-fitting jeans. Similarly, in India, women wear chunky white sneakers and asymmetrically-cut lehengas. These outfits are generally asymmetrical in cut, but a one-shoulder cape blouse will keep you from drawing attention. These clothes also add more options for packing. If you want to wear a sari that’s less revealing, go for an open-back shirt with long sleeves and a low neck.

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