What is Instructional Technology?

What is instructional technology? This is a broad term used to describe a range of technologies and tools that can facilitate learning. In its most general sense, instructional technology is concerned with the development and use of educational materials that are relevant to the subject matter. This includes designing and organizing teaching content, changing its design and organizing tools, and implementing new learning methods. It has become an increasingly popular area of study and research. But what exactly is instructional tech?

One of the most important aspects of instructional technology is that it has revolutionized the way educators teach and assess students. This technology has allowed teachers and students to interact in real-time, which is incredibly helpful for teachers and students. It also has changed how educators communicate with their students. With this in mind, educators can now make effective use of digital devices and other learning technologies to increase the effectiveness of the learning process. And with the growth of online courses, instructors are able to utilize this type of technology to reach students in new and exciting ways.

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In terms of history, instructional technology is a relatively new field that emerged in the 1960s. The term was coined by James D. Finn, a University of California professor. While he cites the first documented use of audio-visual media in education, the concept was widely adopted and evolved in the ensuing decades. In addition to video games, the use of radio, television films, and the internet has greatly increased educational opportunities.

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