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What is Technology Integration?

What is integration? It is a term that refers to the blend of computer-related learning activities into the curriculum. It helps students acquire, demonstrate, and communicate information using technology. It is a much better approach than teaching isolated computer skills and instead teaches students about computers in relation to real-life, cross-curricular activities. TPACK is also known as the “third pillar of instruction” and is a method that helps teachers implement technology in the classroom

The process of integrating technology into the curriculum is similar to that of holding a pencil. The focus of instruction shifts away from writing, designing, or solving math problems to the computer itself. Children need to learn how to use technology safely and ethically. They also need to be taught about the importance of safety and ethics when using technology in the classroom. In short, technology integration is a critical component of the educational process. But, it is not the same as “” (which is not the same as “computer literacy”).

Final Touch

The goal of technology integration is to help people master 21st-century skills, also known as the 4Cs, which are collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity. Empowered learners utilize technology to achieve their learning goals and are guided by the learning sciences. Digital citizens recognize their rights in the interconnected digital world and act in a manner that protects their privacy. The knowledge constructor critically curates diverse resources and creates meaningful learning experiences

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