5 Lounge Pants for Women in the UAE

Lounge Pants are undoubtedly the most comfortable clothing for women and for rightly deserved reasons. What’s the ideal piece of clothing that you can run errands in or lounge around the house, all while looking incredibly chic? Lounge pants of course!! With the fashion industry’s changing patterns, ‘comfort with fashion’ is the most common one women are welcoming.

Not only are they the most comfortable things you could ever be in, but are also very stylish making you look fashionable wherever you are. They fit so snugly and give such a relaxed feeling which keeps you warm. It’s like a soft and breathable cashmere blanket hugging your skin. Moreover, they are the perfect choice for exercising and your daily workout sessions whether you’re jogging or attempting jumping jacks.

They are also suitable for all body types which makes them very inclusive and flexible. There are many different types of lounge pants like leggings, shorts, sweatpants, pyjamas and more. This blog will talk about some of the different types of lounge pants and how they offer numerous benefits to women.

1. Montreal Sweatpants

These lounge pants are a must-have essential for your daily life that will easily match your everyday casuals and bring an elevated look. They are designed with a comfortable orange, polyester fabric that is soft and lightweight on your skin. Moreover, they are elasticated at the waist with drawstrings that can be adjusted to your liking. They are also made with dual-side zipper pockets and a 3-stripe logo branding and you can get them through Namshi code.

2. Flared Leg Lounge Pants

These minimalistic pants are a necessity in your closet because of their ability to pair with absolutely anything. They come with a stretchable, black cotton fabric that is very soft and lightweight on your skin. They also come with an elasticated waistband for an adjustable fit, being convenient. Moreover, these chic lounge pants will never fail to impress wherever you go.

  1. 3. Logo 7/8 Leggings

This lounge pant is an absolute game-changer in your wardrobe and let me tell you why! They are specifically designed to meet the demands of days when you have to constantly be in action. They are crafted with a cotton blend of red fabric that is very soft on your skin. They are high-rise and are elasticated being convenient. They also have a dual-side zipper closure designed at the hem which makes for great storage space.

4. Oversized Pants

Buying these lounge pants will be one of the best purchases you will ever make for several reasons. They are made with a recycled brown polyester fabric which is lightweight and sustainable! They have an elasticated waistband that has attached drawstrings that can be adjusted to your liking. Lastly, they come with logo branding which gives an excellent finish to them.

5. Exercise Snacking Woven Wide-leg Sweatpants

These pants will give you a look that is classic and timeless and will definitely be worth investing in. They are made with beige, recycled polyester fabric which is very lightweight and gentle on your skin. They also have dual-side zipper pockets and have the logo branding print which gives a sophisticated look.

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