Cricinfo is now offering ten separate editions of its homepage

How Cricinfo Came About

Cricket fans, you may have heard of Cricinfo. However, many don’t know how it came about. The idea came about as the founder was talking to various people about his dream of a site that broadcasts all first-class cricket matches. He chose a match involving the railways and Uttar Pradesh, and he said it in a British accent. As a result, the site has been around for nearly two decades .

In the early days, Cricinfo also ran sponsored fantasy leagues. Its first fantasy league was subscription-based and users paid PS5 to join. A year later, Cricinfo launched a sports-related website called ESPNcricinfo to highlight long-form and features content. The company’s coverage of cricket became so popular that it sponsored the first-class tournament in England, as well as the English women’s Test and ODI series against Australia.

The idea for the bot was first conceived by Simon, who had a bot that could communicate with users by identifying certain keywords. Simon went by the IRC nickname “Cool Pom” and decided to name the bot Cricinfo. Other programmers joined the project, but they didn’t know how to use the bot. In the end, he had a bot that updated the latest scores and match reports. However, it wasn’t until the later development stages of the project that Cricinfo has become the most popular cricket site.

Until recently, ESPNcricinfo had multiple homepages. However, its format changed after ESPN acquired the company in 2007. This meant that its users were stuck with the homepage for their region. With the latest revamp, ESPNcricinfo is now offering ten separate editions of its homepage. As a result, cricket fans can choose the one that is most convenient for them. You can listen to the Cricinfo podcast whenever you want, and it’s completely free .

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