How Do Fashion Trends Work?

The fashion industry is a huge industry. The merchandising and design departments wait for trends to emerge in order to create new products. Trends are usually based on the seasons. Fall and holiday season are often associated with earth tones and jeweled colors. Early spring is synonymous with pastels and refreshing white. Manufacturers will incorporate these colors into their line planning. The work on the new line will start at least six months before the selling season.


Certain types of trends go into mass production, while others go into couture. These pieces are made for a specific body type. For instance, couture pieces are designed for one person’s shape. However, mass production does not mean that a trend will last forever. Many of these pieces will reappear in 20 years. In addition, many of these garments are based on celebrity appearances, not the trend itself.


Ending Line

Today, certain styles are coming back in style. These are the ones that were popular in the 2000s. Many of these pieces were couture and will never make it into mass production. The reason for this is that they are made to fit only one person. The designers of these pieces have a special knowledge of human behavior. Typically, a trend goes through four stages: loved, hated, indifferent, and back to love.


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