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How Has Instagram Influenced the Fashion Industry?

With 13.2 million users, fashion brand Fashion Nova is among the largest brands on the social network. The company’s customers have generated massive amounts of content, and many of these posts are turning into sales through celebrity endorsements and micro-influencers. However, the industry is still evolving, and the influence of social media is still unproven. How has Instagram impacted the business of fashion? We asked Eva Chen, director of fashion partnerships at Instagram, to answer this question.

In terms of the fashion industry, Instagram has transformed its practices by creating evocative stories. With the growth of user-generated and curated content, the platform has given birth to some of the biggest fashion brands. The emergence of lifestyle brands, such as Nicobar, has opened up new markets. The reach of the platform has also led to successful campaigns. Narresh Kukreja and Shivan Bhatiya have made their mark through Instagram Live and are seeing unprecedented growth in their business.

Ending Line

The social networking platform has opened new doors for the fashion industry. Because of the transparency that Instagram provides, it has become the standard part of resumes for nearly every industry. Employers use social media profiles to find out more about applicants, and are looking for those who fit their brands’ image. In addition to this, the fashion industry is increasingly looking for people who can be true to their personality and style. By leveraging the reach of social media, these new fashion brands have been able to tap into new markets and create a global following.

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