How to Pair Shirts & Ties with Gray Suits – A Guide to Wearing Grey

If you’re looking for timeless style and versatility, it doesn’t get much better than a classic gray suit. From the office to a formal event, this clean neutral color can easily take you from day to night. But putting together the perfect shirt and tie combo with your grey suit is no small undertaking! 

In this guide, we will show you how easy it can be to pair different types of shirts and ties with various shades of gray suits to create looks that will effortlessly carry you through any occasion. Read on as we provide insight into which combinations will look best on any man wearing a grey suit.

In addition, gray suits are the ultimate men’s clothing staple in line with the navy dress. Why? It is more than just nice business attire. It can be paired with a variety of tie and shirt colors and ties, making it the top of the range of versatility. Gray is generally an excellent suit color as it is available in various shades. While a darker shade might be more appropriate for winter, lighter colors are ideal for summer.


Like blue and navy suits, gray suits are available with a wide range of choices. They are fairly general until you separate them into more specific categories according to occasions, seasons, and the style you’re ultimately looking for. 

Think about the differentiators between light grey medium grey, charcoal, and light grey suits, and you’ll begin to understand the suits best suited to what kind of setting. With the neutral background of a striking grey suit, you can add an array of clothing and accessories, and the possibilities are endless.

To help make your outfit truly stand out, consider completing the look with a tie and cufflink set. Tie and cufflink sets come in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns that can add a stylish finishing touch to your look.

Medium Gray

The general rule, not only with gray but with all colors of suits and shades, is that The lighter shade is, the more formal the dress. 

Thus, while a medium gray suit can be suitable for work and for most other occasions mentioned earlier (with an exception for funerals), it has an unintentionally more casual look. It’s not anything bad however, it does mean that when you put a tie and shirt together, it is possible to make somewhat less formal choices.

Charcoal Gray

On the first list is the formal shade, the so-called charcoal gray. It’s dark enough to allow you to wear it at any event that you would normally consider an all-black suit, for example, funerals, plays, or even a business occasion. 

The charcoal suits are similar dark as most navy suits, but even though a navy suit typically creates a look for a younger man, the charcoal suit will make your appearance more mature. We believe that a charcoal-colored flannel dress is the most appropriate charcoal suit to consider adding to your wardrobe. Gianni Agnelli popularized the charcoal suit of flannel. It is possible to find the exact fabric he favored by purchasing Vitale Barberis Canonico today.

Complete your gray suit with a maroon bow tie and suspenders for a classic, timeless look. A maroon bow tie will add the perfect contrast to your outfit and create an effortless look sure to turn heads.

Light Gray

As per the rule above, The light gray suit is more casual; however, it’s still a formal suit. This color is particularly suitable as a fabric for outdoor use in the summertime when it has a soft, airy feel and can be paired with brighter and more summery shades. 

Of course, these gray shades are available in either a striped variation, a uniform version, or even in smaller designs like a Glen check or a houndstooth. Sometimes, the fabric’s texture may be different, like a fresco or a worsted flannel.

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