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Now, the trend of lip filler injections is very strong because in addition to getting plump, kissable lips, lip injections also help adjust the look to make your face look beautiful. More charming as well is the mouth filler injection. It can be injected to adjust the proportions of the lips to look more perfect. It also helps to solve dry mouth problems. Injecting to make the edge of the lips clearer or injecting the mouthpiece can also be done.

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It can be said that you want to adjust the shape of your mouth. You can let the doctor design it as you want. And for anyone who is deciding to have lip fillers injected, today we have gathered some important information about lip filler injections. Let’s see what’s going on together.

Fill your lips with Lip Fillers.

lip filler injection It is a filler type of hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic Acid: HA) injected into the lips. To adjust the shape of the mouth in the way we want. In addition, the injected HA can help retain water under the skin layer. and helps to increase collagen fibers to the skin as well Therefore, the injection of lip fillers In addition to being plump to have a more beautiful mouth still have moisture smooth lips Wrinkles on the lips are reduced as well.

The results of oral filler injections can be seen immediately from the first injection. and can last for about 12 months The Hyaluronic Acid type of fillers can disintegrate completely on their own. Does not leave residues in the body Therefore, filler injections Therefore, it is considered a way to adjust the shape of the mouth. That is very safe.

Lip injections with fillers

Some people may think that lip fillers are injections. The result will appear bigger swelling, thicker lips, but in fact, the filler injection will be assessed by the doctor individually. To design and modify the shape of the lips to match the patient’s face the most. or prefer the shape of the mouth to be a chestnut shape. We can let the doctor design the shape of the mouth that we want. The doctor will look at the size or shape of our original mouth. to select the appropriate amount of filler injection Ready to inject to adjust the shape of the lips to be beautiful

Therefore, lip injections with fillers are considered a technique that is becoming more and more popular continuously. Because there is no need for surgery to hurt the body, suitable for girls with thin lips, not a lot of lip texture or disproportionate lips can be injected instead of surgery The resulting lip shape will have a beautiful curve, the corners of the mouth are raised, look soft, more suitable for the face.

results of lip filler injections

Lip filler injections are not just a matter of fashion, beauty, or injecting to adjust the shape of the lips. But it can also help with other lip problems, such as

– Fill the lips : Solve thin mouth problems Makes lips plump, volume, and more proportioned mouth shape.

– Raise the corners of the mouth: solve the problem of drooping corners of the mouth That makes the face look sad, sullen, come back to look bright, the corners of the mouth look more lifted.

– Fill the lips : solve the problem of thin lips Add sharpness to the edge of the mouth to have dimensions. The shape of the mouth is clear. get more beautiful pictures

– Solve dry and peeling mouth problems: help restore the skin of the lips. to look healthy moisture more juicy

– Reduce Lip Wrinkles : Helps fill in less wrinkles, smoother lips.

Advantages of lip filler injections

lip filler injection In addition to not having to get hurt from surgery There are also other advantages:

– See results quickly: results can be seen immediately after the injection is completed. It is a quick solution to lip problems. inject a few minutes Get beautiful lips that look healthy.

– Easy to fix : Filler injection can be corrected. or more injection, easy to customize If this is not enough in the results, the filler can be dissolved at any time.

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– Easy care : when surgery is not required Therefore, there are no wounds that need to be treated. In which the filler injection may have a small needle mark after injection, but it will be able to disappear within 1-2 days, not harmful to the body. But should be taken care of according to the advice of a doctor.

– Can be adjusted according to the trend : whether it’s the shape of the mouth or scratching line, the doctor can inject it to change the shape

Tips after injecting lip fillers

Although the results of the filler injections are temporary. Because the filler will gradually decompose itself. does not remain in the body which the lip area will last for about 1 year, so for those who like the results can be re-injected with lip fillers In order to maintain a beautiful lip like this for a long time. In addition, we also have some tips that can help fillers injected to be more effective as follows:

– The filler we inject today is hyaluronic acid (HA) as a hygroscopic substance. with the ability to retain water under the skin layer Therefore, to help the injected fillers work better. We should drink a lot of water during the first 4-5 days after injection. For fillers to be fuller, beautiful lips, and last longer.

– After injection of lip fillers, do not touch, press, squeeze, rub, touch the lips. Because it may cause the filler that has just been injected to lose its shape. or move until it is deformed

– Although after the filler injection you should drink a lot of water, during the first 3-4 days you should not use a suction tube. Because it may cause the lips that have been injected with fillers to lose their shape.

– 48 hours after filler injection should refrain from drinking alcohol. Include hot beverages, as they can easily cause irritation, swelling, and inflammation.

lip filler injection It is a simple helper that can fix our lips to look beautiful. look healthier The type that does not require surgery to hurt the body. But for the results that come out beautiful, satisfying and safe, no side effects will follow later. before filler injection no matter which area Should choose to inject with a specialist doctor. Only in reliable clinics

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