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Insight Partners, one of the top venture capital firms in the world, led a recent $3.5 million financing round for Pathlight Partners, a company that is building a real-time performance management platform. The company plans to use the funds to scale operations and drive growth. It has already launched a beta version of the product and has received traction in the tech industry.

Insight Partners led the financing round

Insight Partners is a global software and private equity firm with offices in New York, London, and Tel Aviv. It has been in business for 27 years and has backed more than 600 companies. With more than 90 billion in regulatory assets under management, it is considered one of the biggest private equity firms in the world.

The company is also known for its signature impact in the technology space, leveraging its deep expertise in both software and finance to partner with scale-up companies to launch innovative products and services. For instance, Pathlight, a cloud-based platform that consolidates communication, real-time performance management (RPM), and coaching, has enjoyed rapid growth. As such, its new funds will be used to accelerate sales and innovations.

On February 24th, Insight Partners announced the final closing of its twelfth fund with total capital commitments of over $20 billion. This is a hefty sum of money, but it will go a long way towards furthering the firm’s mission of leading the next generation of growth equity technology investment engine.

Realtime performance management platform

Pathlight is a realtime performance intelligence platform that enables customer-facing teams to achieve their goals faster and with more agility. It combines data analysis and coaching to provide real-time visibility into agent performance. It also provides actionable insights, visualizations, and team-wide encouragement.

It has a global user base with more than 2,000 employees from a range of industries. For example, Pathlight helps Everlane, Yelp, Twilio, Earnin, and Zendesk with employee performance management.

The company recently announced a round of funding led by Insight Partners and Quiet Capital. This funding will enable the company to grow their customer base and enhance product functionality.

Pathlight uses an artificial intelligence-powered algorithm to generate daily intelligent health digests, which include natural language summary of key metrics. It also provides one-click coaching to agents and managers. Moreover, it generates personalized goals. Ultimately, it offers a single-screen view of all key performance metrics.

As a result of this, Pathlight’s customers are more deeply adopting the platform. Earlier this year, Pathlight saw a 300 percent increase in user engagement.

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