Why Do Small Business Owners Call Theirself CEOs?

It’s common for small business owners to call themselves CEOs, but it’s not necessary to do so. A company’s name, its products, and its employees should be the defining factors of its name. For example, if you own a restaurant, you may be a manager, not a CEO. Choosing the right title is a crucial decision for the long-term success of your business.

In large corporations, the CEO is the top executive. In a small business, the owner is the owner or founder. A founder is the person who recruits his or her team. When a business grows, formal titles will be necessary to attract outside investors. But in small businesses, the founder is the top person, so he or she can use the dual title of owner. However, a founder is not a CEO, and can’t be called a CEO.

Last Line

While a CEO is typically a company’s chief executive, a business owner can use the title director instead of CEO. When a company expands and hires more staff, it is best to use a title that reflects the role of the CEO. Otherwise, you’ll create an image of an egomaniac. This can be a negative for your company. So, instead of calling yourself CEO, use the title director. It will make you more accessible to your employees and attract more customers.

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