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Stoke Talent is a Freelance Management System (FMS) that was created for the freelancers and freelancer businesses. It offers a variety of services and benefits that make it easier for freelancers to manage their jobs. In addition, it’s free to use.

Fiverr is acquiring Stoke Talent

In case you were living under a rock, Fiverr has purchased a plethora of tech startups and online learning companies. They recently paid a cool 95 million dollars to acquire Stoke Talent, a small company that is making big waves in the freelancing and e-learning spaces. The company’s products include a B2B platform and a training platform for freelancers.

According to the company, their newest acquisition will allow them to offer software solutions to firms that utilize freelancers. They will also enhance their already robust talent and customer data platforms. For example, the Stoke talent app allows employers to pay their freelancers with the push of a button.

While Fiverr is certainly not alone in the talent agnostic arena, the company’s recent announcement that they acquired the aforementioned company is a major step in their quest to democratize access to the best and the brightest.

Freelancer Management System (FMS)

Many companies are facing the challenges of managing their freelance workforce. The process can be complex and time-consuming. It is important to have a reliable system to help you manage your freelancers.

Fortunately, there are a number of software solutions that can make this process easier. One of these is the Freelancer Management System (FMS).

A good FMS provides a central database of information about your freelancers. This includes their contact details, work history, rates, and more. Using a good FMS will increase the efficiency of your business.

A centralized platform will also help you communicate effectively with your freelancers. It can also help you build positive relationships with them.

A good FMS also helps your company stay in compliance with tax laws. This can help prevent a bad reputation as an unreliable payer.

Tax forms

While the Stoke Talent platform was not in the running for the best place to hire an employee, the resulting benefits were aplenty. One of the more interesting aspects of the system is the nifty little app which enables the hiring of more than a dozen freelancers. Its many features also ensure that every dollar is spent in a timely fashion. The resulting streamlined operations mean that the company can hire and fire at will without hassle and can now focus on the quality of their employees. Having a small but select group of high-fliers in one location means less stress and more time to spend on what they do best.

Budget approvals

Stoke Talent is an all-in-one solution to manage your workforce. This platform helps you plan your budget and find the right people for the job. It also handles payment and tax compliance. You can use Stoke for your freelancers, consultants, and general contractors.

Stoke Talent is a platform that was built to simplify the lives of freelancers and contractors. It has a blog that focuses on the gig economy, as well as On-demand talent. It is available for Cloud, iOS, and Linux. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a Core and Premium plan.

Stoke’s user interface is easy to use and eliminates the pain of advance budget approvals. Budgets are easily organized by individual job, hiring manager, or team lead. And with full visibility, you can confirm that your budgets align with your priorities and business goals.

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